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Supercross Pro and Pro LT forks have proven themselves for decades as the standard which all others are judged. For 2010 the new SLT's have surpassed anything that anyone could of dreamed of. The SLT's feature a new larger Butted and Tapered Leg, a Forged Cro-mo Internal Spiral Fluted Steertube with welded in star nut, new smaller micro 1/4" thick cro-mo dropouts. full black oxide rust proofing inside and out, full post weld heat treatment, all of this with NO WEIGHT limit and weigh in at a scant 27 ounces ( 20" Fork ). Truly a Super Fork! Hence the SLT name. These forks will put up with the punishment of the skate park, the trails and are still light enough to go race in the AA Pro class

MSRP is $129.95 and should be available at your finer BMX shops. So please check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer or one of our Approved Mail Order Outlets.

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June 11, 2010 - When bmxultra.com reviewed the SLT forks they scored a perfect 20/20
"I've been following Supercross BMX products for some time now and done many reviews, it's hard not to do this review myself but thought it was time to show someone else's perspective of the Supercross products, and in particular the Supercross SLT Forks. Simon Trewin is a handy 30 plus class rider who's been getting consistant results for some time now. He has been interested in lightening up the front end of his cruiser so we hooked him up with a pair of Supercross SLT forks and asked him to give us feedback. He upgraded from some standard heavier cromo forks that came with his bike, the SLT forks helped him drop around 350 grams, a nice start."
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