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The Supercross Pro LT Mini/Jr fork is based off of our Pro LT to be a light weight ultra strong option for the little guys that like to jump.

At 17 ounces*, it is a heat treated cro-mo fork that is as light as the carbon and aluminum forks on the market all with the reliability of Heat Treated cro-moly steel.

The Pro LT Mini/Jr uses a custom butted cro-mo steer tube, custom butted and tapered cro-mo legs, 1/8" thick cro-mo dropouts, and our exclusive post weld heat treating process that increases the strength to that equaling some forks that are almost twice as heavy.

The Pro LT Mini/Jr fork does not have a welded in star nut due to the ultra thin steer tube, but it's designed to work with a 1 1/8" star nut, or a 1 1/8" expander nut. The bottom of the steer tube is mitered to allow for the maximum tire clearance and the minimum of weight.

Axle washers are recommended due to the thin cro-mo dropouts.

The Supercross Pro LT Mini/Jr fork is only available in 20" size.

Available colors are Gloss Black, and Gloss White

The Pro LT Mini/Jr fork has the following specifications:

  • Axle to Crown measurement - 302mm
  • Steer tube length - 165mm
  • Fork rake (offset) - 25mm
  • Max. tire height - 262mm
  • Crown Race - 26.5mm

* the 17 ounce weight is for a Supercross Pro LT Mini/Jr 20" fork without a star nut. All Weights quoted off a UPS calibrated scale. Weights subject to variances caused by weld rod material used, variances in wall thickness and amount of powdercoat.