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The original FLAT Bend Pro Bar (formerly known as Fox Yeah), is a full post weld heat treated Cro-mo bar that was designed for all around use, not just a race bar, not just a freestyle bar, but a bar for the rider that likes a flatter bend than most. The Original Flat Bar is a 28" wide, 8" tall, 6 back sweep and 2 up sweep, Full Knurling for a tight grip on the stem, and a nice and small 19mm crossbar, so it's strong but not too heavy.

The FLAT bend bar is available in 2 other sizes as well, the HUGE and the MASSIVE.

The FLAT Bars weigh in at only 770 grams or 1lb 11 ounces.

The FLAT Bend Pro Bar is available in Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss White, Clear Raw, Show Chrome, and other limited edition colors during different times of the year. Some limited colors have included Highlighter Yellow, Teal and Purple.